[libcamera-devel] ipa: rkisp1: Add autofocus algorithm

Nicholas Roth nicholas at rothemail.net
Wed Aug 23 03:37:07 CEST 2023

To whom it may concern,

I've had my eye on this patch series for some months now, and can see
that it has not progressed since March. I am interested in
contributing. My understanding is that the reason this ISP lacks an
autofocus implementation is that the algorithm here does not work
properly because it gets stuck in local minima. Is that correct?

Professionally, I am a research-adjacent AI practitioner and I work
with and read a lot about optimization, which seems very closely
related to autofocus. I have also done computer vision work in the
past. This is why I think that I might have something to add here.

If this sounds good to the maintainers, and the original author
doesn't object, I would like to proceed with this understanding,
though I can't guarantee a fast rate of progress. Please also let me
know if I am missing any other context about the patch series that
would likely be helpful.


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